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Self-Care for Interpreters Note: This article was updated on April 25, 2016 to include additional information. Another thing I learnt through my education in translating and interpreting at Monash University and my own research was the importance of self-care. Although research in translation and interpreting often seems quite theoretical and not applicable to the practice of interpreting, when… Read More

Just a few days ago, I returned from the New Zealand Society for Translators and Interpreters’ annual conference. It was my first conference dedicated specifically to translation and interpreting, and I definitely learned a lot. The NZSTI Conference 2015 took place in Wellington, New Zealand this year and featured many different presentations on both translation… Read More

Glossary-building, like note-taking, seems to be one of those things that every interpreter does differently. Really, all that matters is what works for you. The way I build glossaries is certainly not the only way to go about it, but it works for me. To me, the most important thing about glossaries is being able… Read More