What is Translation?

Translation is the transfer of ideas from one language to another. It sounds simple enough, but professional translations require close attention to detail. Think of how much time you spend making sure your website and brochures are perfect and ready to publish. You need a translator who understands you, your field and the way you communicate, so your communication will be effective. You need a trained, professional translator. That’s where I come in. I am a professional, NAATI Certified French Translator with world-class training in French translation from Monash University. I have the knowledge and the skills to make sure your French translations are accurate and ready to print.

What Do I Translate?

Jonathan Beagley Language Services translate a wide variety of documents from French into English. Contact me for a free quote and I will let you know what I can do to meet your document translation needs.

I provide a variety of document translation services from French to English, including:

  • birth certificates
  • marriage and divorce certificates
  • driver’s licences
  • diplomas, degrees, high school certificates
  • university transcripts
  • letters of recommendation
  • Résumés/CVs
  • contracts
  • employment certificates
  • Skilled Assessment paperwork
  • Supporting documents for visa applications